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Watch Cindy Bastien Sex Tape Full Porn Video

The beautiful Doll of the show Dilemme Cindy Bastien Is Back & She Makes A Smashing Entry With Her Huge Ass, And A Sex Tape Above Should Not Be Missed.

Cindy Bastien, the bimbo Mouscronnoise who had been noticed in “Turn merry-go-round”, and then and especially in the reality show “Dilemma” wants to embark on the song. And it says: “a sextape, it has nothing to do with porn since the video was shot with my husband”.

Cindy Bastien of Dilemne gets her sex tape and explains it!

After his remarkable participation in Dilemme last year, Cindy Bastien comes back strong! Attention, warm in front!

So it is true, in 2010 already, she did not look very fierce in her bodys SM latex and studded. His posture on the edge of peep show marked the first season Dilemma on W9 and gave cold sweats to the wise men of the CSA, but we were far from imagining that Cindy would try to “enter” a new market: in sex videos .

After an attempt in the song … which proved unsuccessful, Cindy decided to replace her microphone with another accessory. And the change is big!

Cindy decided to follow the trail of all the bigger ones: Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian all went through there. So as his models, the blonde also put on a sex tape to put his career into orbit!

“At first, my husband and I had wanted to film us our privacy. So we recorded this film with the means at hand. This is not a professional achievement. It’s almost artisanal” told us we Cindy Have taken care to contact.

At first I was nervous and uncomfortable, but my husband has put me in confidence,” confesses Cindy . “There’s nothing wrong. I make love with my husband. This time it’s different because I do enjoy my fans ,” she revealed, proud of this production to achieve very Licked.

An initiative that risks shocking more than one but Cindy does not care, she received the approval of Mom. ” I talked to my mother long before the video does seem that history is not up to the wall. At first she was a little surprised, but finally, I received his consent.  Since I make love with my husband, mom sees no objection “reveals the bimbo, very serene in drafting Public.fr.

So, has Cindy put her finger in a terrible gear and will succumb to the sirens of porn? ” I received many proposals in the past, well before Dilemma. I refused to do X, even in the United States for sums and windfall contracts. For the moment, it does interest me no. I’m not ready. I did not want to sleep with men other than my husband Jack “precise anatomic bomb. Laly Secret Story can therefore sleep on his two ears ….

Besides, Cindy wants to make things clear. ” Yes, I do naughty things with my husband but beware, out of the question to do from behind!” She insists.

If the reality TV and the song did not help make her a star, let’s cross fingers so that this new attempt is finally the right one. Since the time that Cindy is struggling body and soul to make its hole in show-biz!

PS: Although we are already in February, Cindy plans to publish very soon its calendar 2011. It was time. For more details go to www.cindybastien.com

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