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Dustin Diamond Sex Tape Leaked Full Porn Video

An American Actor, Musician, Director & Stand-Up Comedian Dustin Diamond Sex Tape Leaked Full Porn Video.

Sex tape starts with Dustin and “the bride” in a bathtub then they move to the bedroom where “the bridesmaid” joins the party. Dustin then checks a bunch of sex toys and lingerie girls brought to the party. Once the sex starts girls look more interested in each other then in Justin, so he is left with his monster dick hanging out of his pants, while girls play with each other. After girls finish each other they are ready for some wild sex with Justin, but not before they equip Justin with a condom. Of course you’d think that Trojan would fit any dick but lo and behold Trojan is to small for his cock but Justin is prepared for such things and presents an XL condom to the girls that fits him perfectly. After that he fucks both girls and when he’s done bride uses double dildo on bridesmaid for some anal sex. Then we see girls taking a bath and drinking lots of champagne. I don’t know what they put in champagne but I noticed from my own experiences that champagne makes girls go crazy and do shit they would never do when they are sober.

Dustin claims he and some pals each made sex tapes as a joke. He says that someone leaked his tape, but insists he doesn’t know who. But home made tapes mogul, David Hans Schmidt, claims Dustin was in on this deal from the start. He claims he made this tape with the intention that he would sell it. I guess he probably made it just for some quick cash and another 15 minutes of fame.

The two call girls get naked and have some fun with each other, later Dustin joins the party and fucks them both. Girls use a lot of sex toys on each other.

The good Samaritans at Fleshbot.com have selflessly subjected themselves to the crimes against amateur celebrity porn perpetrated by opportunistic former Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond and reviewed his infamous sex tape.

Interestingly, first off, the sex tape is apparently called Screeched, not Saved By the Smell, as was widely reported when the story broke last fall.

In any case, we’ve got excerpts of their review of the Dustin Diamond sex tape – which the actor first claimed was stolen from him and “somehow” made its way into the hands of vaunted celebrity image broker (best job title ever) David Hans Schmidt.

On the tape, Screech supposedly lures a pair of bachelorette party goers back to his motel for erotic adventurea involving a bubble bath and some nice defiling of them – the extent of which we can’t even describe for fear of our advertisers dropping us.

Here are excerpts from the review, which is nothing short of a huge letdown:

“Shot in very poor P.O.V. style, Screeched features too many shots of Dustin Diamond’s face. It is a plus, though, that the banter seems real and that the bachelorette party, getting consistently drunker, appears nevertheless to be doing this of their own volition.

That Diamond, whose financial woes drove him to selling anti-foreclosure t-shirts, now peddles a sex tape through Paris Hilton sex tape purveyors Red Light District, comes across as painfully self-conscious should be a given, but that the video fails to reveal any hidden redeeming talents is the unkindest cut of all.

And that hyped Dirty Sanchez comes as something of an anticlimax. There is poo. Apparently ‘Bro’ offers points for that sort of thing.

The Screeched DVD also contains unrelated bonus scenes from porn pros just in case viewers feel Shaved by the Quality. The sex isn’t good, but a tape one makes for one’s friends isn’t really about that, anyway.”

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