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Katy Perry Flunts Her Bare Boobies

Katy Perry boob flashKaty Perry flashes her bare breast while sitting cross-legged in a pair of panties in the disturbing photo above.

Katy Perry Flunts Her Bare Boobies

This photo is too little too late from Katy, for we’ve been saying for years that she needs to get her bulbous mammaries milked hard by the skilled cold calloused hands of a man. Now once her milk sacks have almost certainly soured Katy clearly wants to try and entice us to come drain her udders with this pic. Granted it is true that there are certain exotic cheeses made in villages along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border that call for the spoiled milk of old whores like Katy… But their bold nutty flavors have never really caught on in the rest of the world. Besides any batch made from Katy’s baby juice would almost certainly have too much of a whipped consistency and be infected with super AIDS thanks to all the titty f*cking she’s been doing with nig nog rappers.

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