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Megan Fox Naked For A New Movie “Transformers”

Megan Fox Naked For A New Movie Transformers

Megan Fox will reportedly make her big screen nude debut in the new “Transformers” movie due out in 2017.

Megan Fox Poses Fully Naked For A New Movie “Transformers”

As you can see in the exclusive first look above, Megan assumes the same position that got her the “Transformers” role to begin with, as she is completely naked and on her knees in front of producer Michael Bay. According to the script which recently leaked online, this new “Transformers” movie will feature the Autobots and Decepticons transforming themselves into various sex toys and doing battle throughout Megan’s cavernous sex holes.
The climax of the film will come when Megan Fox climaxes just as Autobot leader Optimus Prime once again defeats the Decepticon Megatron while butt plugs in Megan’s rectum. Certainly this will be one of those films which is best viewed in 3D, as there is a battle scene around Megan’s cervix which is supposed to feature some groundbreaking and mind-blowing CGI.

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