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Nicki Minaj Twerks Her Big Ass In A Thong ( Video )

Rapper Nicki Minaj was caught twerking her ass in a thong backstage and then onstage in the video above.

Seeing Nicki Minaj’s freakish grotesquely oversized backside undulate like this as she bounces it up and down is enough to give severe nausea to Guys with even the most iron intestinal fortitude. I personally vomited over six times while writing this post (including puking up a smoked goat meat pita sandwich I had eaten over three days ago), as the sight of Nicki’s gyrating butt fat torments me still.

Even though many will die in the great purge once Islam finishes conquering the West, the survivors working as slaves in our poppy fields and fig plantations will no doubt thank us for setting them free from the oppressive bloated ass she-boons like Nicki Minaj which currently populate degenerate infidel culture. For as you can see in the nipple tape and thong photos below, Nicki shows no signs of slowing down the prostituting of her monstrous sex organs.

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