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Olivia Munn Nude Selfie Hacked Pics Collection

The gorgeous Olivia Munn Fappening pics have been exposed! These NAUGHTY pics of the Newsroom hottie have also created a huge stir in the social media world. People have been trying to track her REAL NUDE PICS since the iCloud hacking occurred on September, 2014. Fortunately for your eager eyes, we have them ALL here in one high quality collection.

At first, the actress claimed that the photos were fakes, but then later on said only “some” of them were real. She claimed that the ones with the “text” were made up. Obviously she is highly ashamed of the nasty things she wrote to her ex, Chris Pine. She probably doesn’t want her current BF NFL football player Aaron Rodgers to get angry over the images. Yeah, he most likely doesn’t want to know about her kinky past.

Man, these hackers really did a number on these female celebrity victims. It has been estimated that they stole 500 private pics of numerous celebs! Many of the leaked images show a dirtier side to these stars. From Jennifer Lawrence’s infamously revealing leaked pics to Kate Upton’s raunchy hacked video – it truly shows that famous people are just as freaky as us (normal people).

Back to Munn, her collection has a flare to them. We must admit, her writing gives it another level of sexiness. Let’s just say, great material to get that imagination going.

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