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Zendaya Nipple Slip In Public Spot Photos

Zendaya nipple slip
Former Disney star Zendaya exposes her mocha tit topper in the nip slip photo above and the ones below.

Despite her skin being the color of week old hummus Zendaya maintains that she is a “black woman”, and has used this claim to capitalize on affirmative actions roles in liberal minded Hollywood.

Zendaya nipple slip

However, as you can see from these nip slip pics Zendaya is almost certainly not black, but a racial appropriating faker much like the NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal or Black Lives Matter’s Shaun King. For not only are Zendaya’s nips cream colored (a genetic impossibility for anyone with primitive Sub-Saharan blood), but they don’t even have an old chicken bone pierced through them.

Zendaya nipple slip

Yes these are clearly not the nipples of a black woman. But with that said, whatever race Zendaya does belong to is certainly a savage heathen one. For this high yellow frizzy haired slut is in desperate need of the 3 B’s a bra.

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